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NOTE: We welcome the pleasure of receiving you orders and speaking about our products on the phone.  When placing orders please send an e mail to the address below so we can make certain there are no mistakes on your order.  Please include a USPS shipping address in your e mail. For this reason, orders will not be taken over the phone but we welcome phone calls with questions on parts or your build.
This helps us keep orders straight and allows an electronic copy for our records.

Because we are a small operation with limited administrative resources, we only accept cash, check or PayPal. There is a 4% service fee for all PayPal orders.

There are no returns or refunds offered unless the product is found to be defective from us or an error was made on our end and the product is unusable for your application. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality parts and customer service we can deliver. No warranty is offered either expressed or implied.

Please take the time to read the product information to be certain the product you are ordering is correct for your needs.  Feel free to write, call or e mail us with question regarding products and or services.

The Factory Five Racing chassis are all jig built. After the main components are tack welded together in the jig, the unit is removed and placed on a rotisserie for final welding. Although this is a common practice, it occasionally cause minor dimensional differences from one chassis to another. Because of this, some minor trimming may be required on some parts.

The above comment also holds true for fiberglass and chassis parts. Variations in builder placement and manufacturing tolerances may necessitate some minor trimming. 

Again, because we are a small operation, not all parts are always in stock. Because some parts are "batch" ordered, by machine shop services,  you may experience a short delay in delivery. We promise to keep this at an absolute minimum. This should only happen on rare occasion and your patience is appreciated in that instance. This facet of business is out of our control. Parts are usually shipped out within 36hrs. but please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of some items.

We supply the highest quality parts we possibly can and welcome any comments and suggestions from our customers to improve parts or services. However, due to liability concerns in this world we live in, we accept no responsibility for parts installed (written or implied) by our customers in regards to performance or safety. Customers must rely on their own skill and judgement in regards to performance, safety and length of service. No parts are sold with warranties expressed or implied.

To place orders, please e-mail  us at:  kootenaivalleycustoms@hotmail.com

NOTE: ALL PRODUCTS SHIP USPS UNLESS OTHERWISE DIRECTED OR CAN'T SHIP USPS. IN THAT CASE, UPS OR FEDEX WILL BE USED. All orders are shipped not insured unless specified by the customer when ordering.



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