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Note: Please see our ordering page for comments on parts offered here.  In an effort to keep orders correct, all orders are to be placed at : kootenaivalleycustoms@hotmail.com


Firewall / Hood pin receivers.  Billet aluminum threaded piece replaces factory supplied plastic nut. Give your 33 Hot Rod the class it deserves with this upgraded part.   $45.00 / pr. + shipping.

NOTE: These pin receiver nut pieces above are a precision CNC machined part. The factory supplied part is cast and the dimensions vary to some degree. It might be necessary to lightly file the threads on the FFR supplied part.

 Trunk Gas strut lift kit.  Ditch the "prop rod" for the convenience of this gas strut kit. Lift strut kit must be used with the  curved insert bar  (pictured below) to help maintain trunk lid profile.  $95.00 / pr. Instructions included.



This curved steel bar insert helps maintain the trunk lid curvature, a common concern with the Factory Five Racing 33 hot rod trunk lid. Simply cut a slot with a dremel tool as shown in the picture, insert the bar and bond in place. The photo above shows one of our bars with the optional gas lift strut fitting welded into place. Bars can be ordered separately. $45.00 / pr. Includes installation instructions.  If the trunk lift kit is ordered, bars are included in the kit.

Note: Bars ordered separate from the kit due not include the strut ball fittings.

Wheel well sealing panel ( not pictured )  is a seperate piece recently developed. This piece will seall off the hinge area between the body and the wheel well.  An additional piece will be added in the future to even better seal this area soon. $45.00 + shipping.

Note: Since there is no sealing panel between the body and the chassis from the vertical tube, just aft of the door hinge, all the way to the firewall along the bottom flange of the body, this piece will keep moisture and debris from the wheel well area from entering that of the hinge only. We are developing a panel that will seal this entire area off if used with our fuel tank sill plate and wheel well sealing panel. Currently, water can still enter this are from gap between the body lip and the chassis lower tube but would be minimal and would probably not reach the hinge assembly.



Our 2 " diameter roll bar is made from the same DOM tube that Factory Five Racing uses for  the frame components.  It's a much "beefier" looking roll bar with the larger diameter and also has two radius bends that allow it to be used with the hard top option the factory offers. As the factory tubes that recieve the roll bar can vary in location, please call to confirm your chassis measurements before ordering.  $350.00 + shipping

One of the issues with the Factory Five Racing 33 Hot Rod hood design is the power of the gas lift springs. The ones supplied are 24# ea. This contributes to the hood warping issues that many have experienced. The problem is that the springs apply too much  "upward"  force on each side and the hood is "latched'  in the middle. This causes the sides to be pushed up by the force of the springs and alter the shape of the hood. KVC gas lift springs are 15# each reducing these forces but still supply plenty of lifting power to the hood hinge. $60.00/pr. + shipping.

This defrost manifold matches the curvature of the 33 cowl, attaching on the under side. It  allows one to locate the defrost vents where required and the inlet to the header, for defrost, at the builders choice anywhere along  the length of the header. This part is made of 'S' Glass and is extremely thin ( about .040 ) so it will contour to variations in body curvatures.  Perfect for tight areas behind the dash and eliminates hoses running to each individual defrost vent. May require slight modification if using a wiper system. By design, you can now use just one of the defrost outlets from the evaporator unit since air supplied comes from the same plenum. this makes plumbing much clearance and easier and saves room. Customer needs to use one of the FFR supplied Vintage Air inlet ducts or design their own from PVC pipe fittings or some other source.
$75.00 ea. + shipping

These precision shoulder bolts ( above ) are made from stainless steel. Shoulder bolts supplied with the kit have a design tolerance of -.002 to -.003. These bolts have a +.000 to -.001 tolerance. Although this may not sound like much, coupled with the tolerance that the oilite bushings have, you might see as much as .005 "slop" in your hood or trunk bushings. Bolts are $7.00 ea. Door bolts are not available at this time, just hood and trunk

These pedal pads match the factory supplied clutch and brake pedal pad perfectly.  KVC is offering these to the builder who wants all the pedal pads to match, including the throttle. $16.00 ea. + Shipping.

These wing windows are made of 3/16" lexan with a uv protected coating on one side. The are made to match the flow of the windshield and door for a "classy"  look and reduce some wind in the cockpit. Hinge hardware is included. $125.00/ pr. + shipping. NOTE: Some minor edge polishing may be neceessary.

Cover the trunk hinge hardware with our custom fiberglass covers
$50.00/pr. + shipping.

While you're at it, cover your dash with our aluminum panel insert. You can then cover or paint it in any fashion as well. An added benefit is that you can cut access holes in the fiberglass dash allowing you to remove our dash panel gaining access to items behind the fiberglass such as ignition, wiring and AC unit. This piece is made of 3000 series aluminum and is easily hand formed to the fiberglass dash contour. Due to the size of this part, and the container we build to ship, shipping cost can vary depending on your location. $75.00 + shipping.



This little panel ( shown below ) covers up that unsightly door latch bracket and made up of a two part system. The second piece ( not pictured )  incorporates a bulb seal to help seal off hot air migrating from the engine compartment at the lower firewall and will be added to the site soon.  $35.00 / set.  Panel with seal will be available soon for an additional $20.00/pr.

The pictures  below show the front foot box panels. This panel has several functions. It can be used to mount various items like the throttle pedal, throttle pedal stop and dimmer switch. In addition, insulation can be "sandwiched" between it and the firewall. Plus it makes carpeting this area easier.  An optional fiberglass insert is available for those clutch installations that require pedal travel all the way to the firewall. Panel is made from .050 6061T6 Aluminum
$65.00/ set + shipping.  Add $20.00 for secondary steering shaft seal shown below, center picture.

The photo below shows a bearing seal that will be a two part system that will seal the bearings in the steering shaft from the elements. The second part of the system  is a billet piece that will cover the factory supplied unit for more of a "show car" appearance. A single seal is all that is required for those using electric power steering. For those using manual steering, three seals are required. One at the firewall and two at the intermediate shaft bearing. These are supplied in a natural aluminum condition but are easily polished to a mirror finish. Cheaper than the cost and time to replace the bearings if left exposed to the elements, plus it helps seal off the cockpit area !!! $40.00 + shipping ea. The seal for the most forward bearing when using manual steering is an additional $20 as it requires a special machined seal retainer.

Now you can get rid of that throttle cable running through the engine compartment with our mechanical throttle linkage system shown below. $125.00 per assy. + shipping. NOTE:  May not work with AOD.

This kit consists of the firewall mounted items, the fitting at the throttle pedal arm and the fitting from the throttle arm to the throttle pedal only. Due to the variations in engines and induction set ups, it's impossible to supply all the linkage rods required for a complete system for every application and engine.


The 3/4" tube below is shown bonded to the inner trunk rear bulkhead. It adds considerable strength to this area and aids in the proper function of the trunk latch system. $70.00 + shipping

The picture above is a "must have " for your 33 project. It's an adjuster for the trunk deck panel. It allows you to adjust the rear deck vertical to match the trunk lid for an easier fit and also acts as a much need support in that area. $80.00 + shipping.

Precision Delrin bushings are now available for the doors hood and trunk. Hood and trunk bushing kit comes with stainless steel shoulder bolts seen above. These bushings remove any play in the door, hood and trunk hinge assembly.  Door bushings must use factory supplied bolts as no precision shoulder bolts in stainless are available in that length at a reasonable cost. They not only add precision to the door hinge operation but have a delrin washer that spans the entire width of the hinge arm adding stability.  Door kit is$75.00  shipping. Trunk kit is $30.00 + shipping. Hood bushing kit is $75.00 + shipping .  These can be shipped USPS in a bulk rate box.

Now available !!!!!!

  The nice thing about this kit is not only can you dial out or improve the bump steer, but you can adjust the length using the barrel and not have to deal with turning the tie rod with pliers or vice grips as the shaft has no flats for turning. You have to use pliers or clamping tool to turn the tie rod for toe adjustment if this piece isn't used

The barrel is machined from stainless steel so the cross section profile can be kept smaller in diameter than aluminum and still have the required strength.

Although the un sprung weight is slightly higher, we felt the offset was worth it given the looks and ease for adjustment.  Given the wide range of ride height and tire diameters that can be used on the 33, bump steer will be an issue for some if not most builds. Bump steer adjustment is about 1.0" maximum.

Price is $225.00 + shipping. Although this sounds like a lot, other makers are of steel construction and we just can't obtain the quality components like a large supplier due to the small number of units we purchase at a given time. Ours is made specific to the FFR 33, looks better than the OEM piece and can be polised to a show finish if desired. These units are now shipped with chrome bearings STANDARD.

The billet steering rack mounting piece pictures below replaces the black plastic supplied part. Can be polished more more of a show look. $35.00 + shipping.