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This is what started it all ....... 

 At this point, we were in business as Whittaker Aviation and built several airplanes, airframes and numerous parts for pilots and builders of airshow and aerobatic competition aircraft.

This is the third airplane we built specifically for the airshow industry. It's a highly modified version of an airplane called a Pitt Special S1. A factory in Wyoming builds the airplanes and sells the blueprints to build your own. After building several airplanes we decided to build a highly modified version this airplane. As supplied by the factory, it is powered with a 180 Hp Lycoming engine. We decided to modify it and use a 325 Hp engine. No substitue for horsepower, right ?  It's an amazing airplane with performance figures to match its looks.

The airframe required numerous modifications to make the engine change from a 4 cylinder engine to a 6 cylinder. This airplane had "world class"  performance and was flown by several famous airshow pilots ( as well as myself ) on the airshow circuit and still performs competition aerobatics and airshows today.

This FFR Cobra MKI was our debut in the "custom component"  car arena. Some 40 modifications were made to the factory kit. This Cobra was powered by a modified 351 Windsor Ford engine and was a fun car to drive. We put over 8,000 trouble free miles on it before trading it for a Russian military training aircraft. We attribute the 8,000 miles trouble free to building our cars to the same standards we built aircraft to.

We built this Lotus replica ( Stalker V6 )  while building another Cobra. The Cobra was a complex project with AC, PS, PB, heated seat and cruise control. We wanted something to drive so we built this while finishing the Cobra MKII.

Thia is a MKII FFR Cobra we were building when we started the Lotus. It's a 392 FMS stroker powered rocket. Equipped with Nitrous Oxide, it has roughly 600 HP. In addition to the full real wood interior, it has PS, AC, heated seats, cruise control. We made 70 modifications to the kit in one way or the other to refine the car in quality and driving ability.

All of the above projects are typical of the quality of work performed by Kootenai Valley Customs.  We currently have a FFR 33 Hot Rod in progress and are developing parts for it as the car is being built. We have made some 20 improvments in the trunk area alone. This is typical of the approach we take to every project at Kootenai Valley Customs be it a car, a motorcycle or an airplane. It's what we do ...............